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All About Health

Connecting healthcare professionals and patients

What is NetHeal?

NetHeal is a social network that connects you to your healthcare professional to talk only about health. And in the right way!

Imagine having access to the opinion of the best medical professionals in your city and in the world about health and medical news! Better yet, of your own doctor!

We created a network with the most respected healthcare professionals which you can connect to and be part of.

It is a social network but a professional one. We do not publish or share personal or private medical matters so everyone is comfortable in using it avoiding any personal embaracement.

For health professionals

A place to connect with your patients

We created a place where you can keep in touch with your patients, friends and the world, but on professional matters only.

Let them know what you think about a medical or health news!

You can talk to all of your patients at the same time, but not individually!

If you want, you can share your contact details so they can reach you.

For Patients

Wanna be updated about medical news?

You choose which professionals you wish to follow and everytime he or she shares any medical content, he or she can give his or hers opinon on it which automatically appears in your timeline.

Away from home travelling and need a doctor or just need to find one near you?

Each healthcare professional is able to share his contact details to facilitate your "physical " connection which we believe there is no substitute for.